Tiktok Emojis

From the time the app was launched in 2016, TikTok has continually offered diverse ways for users to interact in the digital world. One such way is through the use of the app’s colorful and accessible emojis. Since TikTok’s emoji keyboard offers native emoji support to all platforms, users can share or send on Tiktok all of the emojis that appear on their phones, whether they are using an iOS or Android device.


Later on, TikTok broke away from the usual by releasing its own “secret language,” without any announcement, or an official guide. The language turned out to be a collection of 46 hidden emojis that can only be accessed and used on TikTok. These emojis are still in circulation, and are currently used by netizens.


To get them to appear, social media users have to type a special TikTok emoji code, and put the code between two square brackets. Graphic, flat, and with less detail, these emojis definitely differ in design from the emojis Apple and Android users frequently use. They are all composed of faces–one group is filled with round, colorful features, while the faces of the second group are mostly white and cartoonish in design, with circular bottoms and spiky hairstyles. For reasons unknown, TikTok did not come out with anything else but faces for their exclusive list, no food or other items, at all.


In spite of the lack, TikTok’s secret emojis draw rave reviews from users due to the fact that unlike the native system emojis on Android, Microsoft, or iOs, TikTok’s emojis appear in exactly the same visual style on all devices and operating systems. This is a big relief to emoji users that worry about how the emojis they send will look on different devices. Another reason would be, for some, sending and sharing exclusive, secret TikTok emojis make users look like an expert insider to their family and friends, well-versed in the hidden language of the platform.